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Get involved. Get educated.

All over the world, and in the United States, there is a crisis of higher education. 40% of first-year students who enrol make a college dropout. What is it connected with? In fact, with the same things that cause problems in other areas of life. The amount of total student debt in the United States is greater than the amount of debt in any other type of loan. Students, especially from low-income families, cannot cope with paying off their student loans. And so people drop out to go to work and provide for themselves. This may lead to a shortage of specialists in the future.

The Falmouth Prevention Partnership is a community coalition dedicated to creating a healthy and safe environment for Falmouth youth. 

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Members of the Partnership represent a wide-range of community involvement. Since 2008, the Partnership has been assessing the extent of the substance abuse problem in Falmouth, and developing and implementing prevention strategies that are unique to our community.  

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