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Learn More About Prescription Pills & Heroin

Below are articles that we continuously add to to provide helpful information about prescription pill abuse and opiate addiction (especially heroin) faced by many families with children, teenagers and young adults. 

Take the Falmouth Prevention Partnership Opiate Quiz and find out how much you know about the issue.


The Prescription Pill and Heroin Epidemic: Recent Happenings

The opioid problem is a complex issue that is troubling for communities across the country...read more

Opioid Pain Relievers: A Quiz and Some Tips

You can do a lot to help protect your teen from drugs or alcohol. The following tips...read more

Opioid Pain Relievers: Protecting Our Children

Teens who abuse prescription pain medications may start in one of two ways...read more

Opioid Pain Relievers: Talking with Your Physician

If you have chronic pain, you healthcare provider should work with you to develop a treatment plan...read more

Opioid Pain Relievers: Managing Chronic Pain

Treatment of chronic pain usually involves medications and therapy. The goal of treatment is to...read more

Opioid Pain Relievers: The Basics

Opioids look like chemicals in your brain and body that attach to tiny parts on nerve cells called opioid receptors...read more

Opioid Prescribing: New Guidelines

We are not doing the best we can to educate physicians and patients about the dangers of opioid medications...read more

Scope of Pain

Undertreated chronic pain and prescription opioid misuse are major national problems...read more

When the Prescription Becomes the Problem

Changes in how providers prescribe prescription painkillers have helped fuel the opioid  epidemic...read more

A Glossary of Common Drug Addiction Terms

Some drug addiction terms and a brief description of what they mean...read more

What's Wrong With This Picture?

The widespread prescribing of hydrocodone products contributes to the large quantity of these drugs available for recreational use...read more

What Is Prescription Pill Abuse?

Every day in the United States, about 7,000 people misuse or intentionally abuse a prescription medication for the first time...read more

Are You An Unintentional Drug Dealer?

You could be a drug dealer and not even know it...read more

It's Medicine, How Can It Be Bad for Me?

Why would anyone take the risk of experimenting with prescription meds...read more

Disturbing News About Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

One in four teens reports having abused a prescription drug...read more

Abuse of Prescription Pain Medications

Prescription pain killers are the drugs of choice for young teens...read more



Vivitrol: Helping People with Opiate Addiction

Local addiction experts say Vivitrol could offer an effective option for treating opiate dependence...read more

Heroin Addiction: Online and Local Resources

This article in outlines some of the online and local resources available to help you...read more

Heroin: Don't Let a Friend Die

Signs of an overdose of heroin or an opioid drug may include...read more

Heroin: Addiction and Treatment

The goal of treatment is to stop drug use and...read more

Heroin: Addiction and Health Effects

Heroin enters the brain very quickly, making it particularly...read more

Scary Stuff in the Neighborhood

There has been a surge of heroin use in Massachusetts...read more

Hooked on Heroin: A Growing Problem

Heroin use in the country has skyrocketed -- up 75% between 2007 and 2011...read more

Hooked on Heroin: The Good Samaritan Law

The law provides immunity from prosecution for persons seeking medical assistance for themselves or others who are experiencing a drug overdose...read more

Hooked on Heroin: Don't Let Someone Die!

How to recognize an opiate overdose and what to do if a friend or family member needs immediate help...read more



Preventing Prescription Pill Abuse

There are other things you can do to help prevent prescription pill abuse...read more

Preventing Drug Abuse Starts at Home

The most important reason that kids don’t use alcohol or drugs is because of their parents...read more

From Prescription Pill Abuse to Heroin Use

Teens who abuse prescription pain medications may start in one of two ways...read more

How to Rx-Proof Your Home

1 in 4 high school students will use a prescription medication for non-medical reasons...read more

How to Prevent Drug Abuse in Your 5- to 8-Year-Old

5-to-8-year olds are tied to their family and eager to please but...read more

How To Prevent Drug Abuse in Your Preteen

Your advice may be challenged, but it will be heard and will stay with your child...read more

Not In My House: Protecting Your Kids

Safely disposing expired drugs is a critical step in helping protect your kids...read more

Preventing Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

Talk to your kids about the dangers of prescription drug abuse...read more



The Brain on Drugs: Addiction and Free Choice

Opiate addiction is a treatable brain disorder. It is not a character flaw...read more 

The Brain on Drugs: The Science of Addiction 

No single factor determines whether a person will become addicted to drugs...read more

Drugs and Our Brains

The brain is a complex communications center consisting of...read more

Drugs, Brains, and Addiction

Drug addiction is a chronic brain disease...read more



Addiction: The Gap Between Science and Perception

Addiction is a complex disease of the brain and body that involves compulsive use of one or more substances...read more

What's in a Name? Changing the Conversation

If addiction is a chronic brain disease, why do so many of us think of it as a moral failing?...read more

Heroin: Thoughts from a Recovering User

I started in high school with weekend and summer partying...read more



Our Jailhouse Rocks!

Crimes are all too often related to a substance abuse problem...read more

Heroin: County Jail Battles Drug Addiction

Efforts have significantly reduced the recidivism rate among individuals who have...read more

Denial: Thoughts from the Barnstable County Special Sheriff

It can be difficult to admit having a drug problem...read more



The College Experience: Prescription Drug Abuse

During the past decade, the number of college students using prescription drugs went up dramatically...read more

College 101: Academic Doping

Prescription stimulants have an extremely high potential for abuse...read more






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