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One of the major goals of the Falmouth Prevention Partnership is to mobilize the community to reduce underage drinking.  

Project Sticker Shock is a public education and awareness program to give valid information that it is illegal to provide alcohol to people under 21. The program not only educates about the legal issues of underage drinking, it also engages youth in a prosocial activity that helps the community as a whole. 

The Partnership recruits and collaborates with interested youth and adults to promote the sticker: 

Parents Who Host

These stickers are placed on bags at participating liquor stores during a 3-5 hour period of time over a weekend during a period when alcohol consumption increase: in May before the high school prom and summer season, and in November before the holiday season.

Examples of Sticker Shock Activity

Twice a year since 2010, the FPP has teamed up with local youth groups to place stickers on bags in every liquor store in Falmouth to remind customers that it is illegal to provide or serve alcohol to underage youth. In collaboration with the liquor stores, over 100,000 stickers have been used to educate adults about the social host law in Massachusetts. 

Spring 2014: FPP hosted its sixth semi-annual Project Sticker Shock Event. The youth group that normally supplies volunteers was not able to help this time so the group was smaller than usual. Nine local youth and 11 adults placed 10,000 stickers on bags at all 16 Falmouth liquor stores to discourage adults from purchasing alcohol for underage youth.

Fall 2014: FPP hosted its seventh semi-annual Project Sticker Shock Event.  Jack’s Pact, which has helped us every fall for 2 years, supplied 34 youth and 19 adult volunteers. They placed 12,000 stickers at 15 liquor stores. (All available liquor stores in Falmouth participated for the third time.) 

Sticker Shock 2014

Spring 2015: Falmouth Prevention Partnership hosted its eighth semi-annual Project Sticker Shock event. With the help of the Cape Cod Church youth group, The Loft, 11,000 stickers were placed on customer bags at all 17 liquor stores in Falmouth. 27 youth and 17 adults participated. Each store received a poster to hang in their window, as well as buttons for their clerks. The event was posted on websites and Facebook pages, press releases were printed in the local papers, and a Thank You ad was run acknowledging all the participating stores and volunteers.





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