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General Health Information

Staying Healthy in Falmouth

Read health-related articles written by local healthcare professionals.

These articles focus on staying healthy, including nutrition and fitness for children and adults, understanding and managing childhood obesity, tips on how to eat healthy in local restaurants, and dealing with our complicated healthcare system.

Healthy Lifestyle for ChildrenA series of articles that provides information to help you and your children have a healthy lifestyle, including suggestions on how to provide healthier food choices, getting your kids involved in the process, and being active as a family. 

Childhood ObesityA Primer for Parents: A series of articles that explore the problem of childhood obesity.

Healthy Tables: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle in Falmouth: A series of articles about healthy eating when dining out in local restaurants. 

Navigating the Healthcare System: A series of articles on how to make sense of the our health system, including information on how to find and choose a physician, how to choose a Medicare Part D Drug plan, and how to save money on prescription medications. 

About Your Medications: Do you know how to read your doctor's prescription?  Do you know how to avoid medication errors?  Do you know how to safely dispose of old medications.  Learn the answers to these questions and many more to help you manage your medications.

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