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How to Get Involved

The Falmouth Prevention Partnership is a community effort dedicated to creating a healthy and safe environment for Falmouth’s youth. As partners, we are working together to address some of the major problems facing our youth. Our initial focus is on substance abuse and other risky behaviors.

The Partnership is a coalition of health care professionals, educators, public safety officials, faith-based organizations, parents and youth who volunteer their time, expertise, and resources. The Partnership has only one full-time paid staff member who works as a coordinator to assure open communication and coordination.

We Welcome Your Input and Participation

The Partnership needs your involvement. Substance abuse among youth is a serious problem in Falmouth and greater involvement from all parts of the community will enhance the efforts to improve the health and well-being of all Falmouth residents.

Getting involved could be as simple as attending a meeting to share your thoughts, donating some time at an event, or managing a prevention project.

Get Educated

Learn more about:

Prescription Drug Abuse

Underage Drinking


Falmouth Prevention Partnership Gets Social!