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News About Marijuana

Marijuana Leaf and Joint


July 2015

Younger Teens Using Marijuana Less and Disapprove of It More

A new study finds marijuana use among young teens is on the decline, while disapproval of the drug among this age group is increasing

Almost One-Third of Teens Using Marijuana Say They Are Trying to Alleviate Boredom

While people do generally use marijuana before other drugs, it does not mean marijuana is a cause of using those other drugs

Adolescents Exposed To Ads Twice As Likely To Report Substance Abuse

New findings reveal that youth who saw advertising for medical marijuana were twice as likely as peers who said they never saw an ad for the substance to report wanting to use it or doing so in the future.

June 2015

Study Questions Effectiveness of Medical Marijuana for Many Conditions

A review of 80 studies of medical marijuana concludes it may be useful for treating certain conditions, but the evidence is weak in supporting the drug’s use for many others.

National study finds rising rate of marijuana exposure among children 5 years old, younger

The rate of marijuana exposure among children 5 years of age and younger rose 147.5 percent from 2006 through 2013 across the US

May 2015

Marijuana Edibles Being Transported Illegally Across State Lines

Law enforcement officials are reporting an increase in marijuana-infused edible products being transported illegally across state lines for resale

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