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Learn More About Parenting Tweens and Teens

Below are articles that we continuously add to to provide helpful information about parenting and some thoughts on how to raise a healthy child.


Reducing Teen Substance Abuse: What Really Works

A significant number of teens try alcohol and other drugs before entering or while in high school...read more

Parents, Parties and Peers

Make it easy for your teen to leave a party where alcohol or drugs are being used...read more

Ten Cheeky Commandments for Parents of Teens

You may not agree with all the author’s sentiments but there are some amusing tidbits and several nuggets of good advice...read more

Real Teens: Real Questions About Drug Use

Some questions and answers compiled from the National Institute on Drug Abuse...read more

Booze, Pot & Pills - Know the Facts!

Much of what teens hear is based on misconception and the information may not always be true or accurate...read more

Teachable Moments 

Being open and receptive will get your teen talking...read more

A Day in the Life of Young Adults Some Sobering Facts

Substance abuse is a serious health problem among young adults aged 18 to 25...read more

Talking with Kids About Tough Issues

We live in a complex and media-driven world that challenges us everyday...read more

Talking with Kids About Alcohol and Drugs

We need to help our kids distinguish fact from fiction. Locally...read more

Stay Connected with Your Teen: Part II

The most recent survey provides some interesting information...read more

Stay Connected with Your Teen: Part I

You are the most important influence in the lives of your kids...read more

Good Poetry? Maybe! Great Advice? Definitely

Shakespeare it’s not, but great parenting advice it is...read more

Parenting Advice, Canadian Style

What type of parenting style do you have? Take this quick assessment...read more

Build a Healthy Relationship with Your Teen

Be an active participant (to a point) in your teen's life...read more

Parent Power: Family Meals Make a Difference

Teens who take part in regular meals with their family are less likely to drink alcohol...read more

Can You Influence Your Teen's Substance Use?

Parents are among the most influential factors in preventing their kid's substance use...read more

Talking to Your Teen About Sex, Drugs and Alcohol

Be the source of accurate information and explain the consequences...read more

Being There for Your Teens

Tips for Parents: You are the greatest influence on your child's life...read more

Are You a "Perfect" Parent?

There is no such thing as a perfect parent...read more



Depression: Information for You and Your Teen

Cape Cod, has a significant population of teens and young adults who suffer from depression...read more

Abuse Teen Relationships

More than 30% of teens are victims of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner...read more

Depression and Anxiety Info for Parents

The following symptoms may indicate that your child is depressed...read more

Depression: FAQs for Your Teens

These FAQs address some common questions about depression...read more

Teen Depression - Information for Parents

Cape Cod has a significant population of teens who suffer from depression...read more

Teen Behavior Related to Their Development

Understand why teens act the way they do...read more

Understanding Your Teen's Emotional Health

What should I know about my teen's emotional health?...read more



It's Party Time: Your Guide to Teen Parties

As a parent, you are the key to a fun and safe party...read more

Vacation's Coming: Don't Let Your Kids Summer Go to Pot

Summer is the riskiest time of the year for first-time alcohol and other drug use among youth...read more

The Grandkids Are Coming! The Grandkids Are Coming! 

When your grandchildren visit, either with or without their parents, it’s important that you...read more

This Summer Be the Dedicated Grownup

Before allowing your teens to have a party in your home...read more

A Summer Plan of Action

After a busy school year a little rest and relaxation is well-deserved...read more 

The Best Gift Is Not One You Can Buy

The best gift you can give your kids is your love...read more



The College Experience: Things You Can Do

As a parent you continue to be a primary influence in your son's or daughter's life. You are key in...read more

Transitions: The First Year of Middle School

The likelihood that our kids will try drugs increases dramatically during...read more



Helping Our Kids Thrive in a World of Media and Technology

The average American child age 8 or older spends more than seven hours of screen time every day...read more

Best Online Resources for Teens and Preteens

These resources may help provide your kids with the information they need to make better decisions...read more

Best Substance Abuse Online Resources

These resources may help provide you with the information you need to...read more

Your Teen's Online Life

Do you know what your teen is up to online...read more



Some Good News About Teen Substance Use

The use of alcohol and a number of illicit drugs has declined among teens in the U.S...read more

More News About Teen Substance Abuse

According to a nationally representative survey, the abuse of prescription stimulants is...read more

Latest News About Teen Substance Abuse

Too many teens are watching television ads alcoholic drinks...read more 

Recent News About Teen Behavior

More news about what teens are doing and perhaps shouldn't...read more  

News About Teen Behavior

The latest scoop on what teens are doing and perhaps shouldn't...read more





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