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Pharmacy-Based Education

Prescription Being Written

The Falmouth Prevention Partnership has developed educational materials - a rack card - that can be given to people at the time they fill a prescription. These cards can be displayed at the pharmacy pickup counter, handed to a patients when they are handed their medications, or placed in the medication bag.

The cards will emphasize the safe storage and disposal of medication consistent with the Partnership's Lock Your Meds and Prescription Pill Disposal programs. The Partnership hopes to have this material available in several chain pharmacies around the Cape as well as in non-profit healthcare facilities.

Community Health Center of Cape Cod

The Community Health Center of Cape Cod serves more than 15,000 people in the Upper Cape region. The facility has its own pharmacy that fills upwards of 40,000 prescriptions each year. The Health Center has approved the use of the FPP-designed rack card to be placed in all prescriptions bags in its pharmacy.

Community Health Center Building

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