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School-Based Programs

The Falmouth Prevention Partnership has a close working relationship with the Falmout Public Schools and has implemented several programs to engage students and to support programs and events that are part of the schools' education and social activities. 

Freshman Agenda Books

The Partnership paid for the 2014-2015 Falmouth High School Freshmen Agenda Books that given out to 260 freshmen at the start of the school year. FPP created the first four pages which included helpful school information, a comprehensive list of helplines geared toward teens, and stats on how many freshmen are NOT using drugs, alcohol and cigarettes based on the results of the PRIDE Survey.

Freshman Parent Letter

The Partnership sent a letter to all Falmouth freshman parents reminding them of the health, safety and legal risks of underage drinking; and the role they play in setting an example for their children through the “Parents Who Host Lose the Most” campaign. The letter is signed by the superintendent of Falmouth public schools, the Falmouth Chief of Police, the principal of Falmouth High School and the director of Gosnold’s Prevention Division. In November 2014, 235 letters were sent out to all Falmouth High School freshman parents.

Enhancement of Health Curriculum

Provided information to health teachers regarding community speakers and resources. 

Social Host Lesson: In April 2015, the Gosnold Director of Prevention and a senior officer from the Falmout Police Department taught six health classes at Falmouth High School. The topics included opiate addiction, underage drinking prevention, and the social host law and liability. Over 250 students attended. Each student filled out an alcohol survey, and was given a homework assignment on the social host law to be completed with a parent.

Falmouth High School


Social Host Pre Prom Assembly 

2014: Falmouth - Falmouth High School requires that parents of students planning to go to the prom, attend a mandatory parent informational session regarding underage drinking and hosting safe home parties.  For several years, FPP organized this assembly using the services of Campbell Campbell Edwards & Conroy, Massachusetts social host law experts. In 2014, Falmouth High used a speaker from Barnstable County Court who had a child killed by a drunk driver. FPP participated by passing out 100 information packets.

2014: Mashpee - In collaboration with the Mashpee Public School Administration, FPP sponsored the second annual Social Host Pre-Prom Assembly for Mashpee High School parents and their senior children who were both required to attend this informational session if their child was attending the prom. There were approximately 150 attendees and 75 packets of information were distributed. 

2015: Falmouth - Falmouth High School requires that parents of students attending the prom must participate in a mandatory parent informational session regarding underage drinking and hosting safe home parties.  In May 2015, FPP participated by disseminating 175 packets of information on the Social Host law; tips for parents on how to host a fun, alcohol-free party; a flyer on ways to help seniors stay safe and healthy during the last year of high school; and a flyer on the alcohol-free after-prom celebration.

2015: Mashpee - In lieu of a pre-prom assembly, Mashpee High School chose to host a parent education night for parents of students in grades 7-12. Topics included Drug/Alcohol in our Community; Social Host Liability; the Impact of Social Media; and a drug dog search presentation by the Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit. FPP participated by handing out drug and alcohol prevention information packets to those attending.

No Guff Week

Provided funding to expand this campaign to Falmouth Academy, all public schools and the community. This change supported the "NO Guff" message from one day to a week-long celebration of anti-bullying behavior.

Anti-Bullying Programming

Provided funding to expand this programming at Falmouth Public Schools

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