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Gosnold School Counseling Program

The Gosnold School-Based Counseling program, a collaboration between a specific school and Gosnold, offers individual and/or group counseling, mental health or substance abuse assessment, information about alcohol and drugs and other high risk activities. The goal of the program is to help children overcome personal difficulties , work up to their academic potential, and make healthy choices both in school and at home. 

Individual and group meetings, which occur during the school day, are conducted by Gosnold's credentialed and qualified professional counselors. Counseling has been shown to have many benefits. It may lead to better relationships, improved school performance, solutions to specific problems, or a reduction in feeling of distress.

Many of the children who seek guidance from the counselors have depression and/or anxiety related to stress in their school or home environment, including dealing with family members suffering from a substance use disorder. Helping children with these issues may help them function better and perhaps help them to avoid substance abuse problems in the future.

Gosnold counselors are currently in several school districts and towns around the Cape, Including:

Cape Cod Regional Technical High School
Dennis Yarmouth

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