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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee serves as the governing board of the Falmouth Prevention Partnership and as an advisory board to the Gosnold Prevention Division.


The Steering Committee consists of representatives selected to assure representation of the broader community as well as the necessary skills to do the work of the Steering Committee.

Responsibilities of the Steering Committee

  • Serves as the decision making body for the Partnership
  • Serves as an advisory group to the Gosnold Prevention Department
  • Maintains the strategic focus of the Partnership
  • Revises the strategic plan of the Partnership on an annual basis

Steering Committee Meetings

  • The Steering Committee meets six times each year
  • Supporting members and partners are welcome to attend and participate in all Partnership meetings

Members of the Steering Committee

The following individuals and the community organizations they represent are members of the Partnership's Steering Committee:


Michael Bihari, MD: Co-Chair

Pediatrician/Risky Business Column

Bob Burke

Owner, Jack in the Beanstalk

Jessica Burgess, RN

Medical Director, Barnstable County Sheriff's Office

Troy Clarkson

Town Manager, Hanover, MA/Columnist

Judy Crocker

Marketing & Sales Executive, Cape Cod Broadcasting

Patty Erickson

Vice President, Cape Cod Five Bank

Steve Goddu

Pharmacy Manager, Rite Aid Falmouth

Joan Houlihan

Senior Director of Sales, Atria Woodbriar

Michael Kasparian

President, Falmouth Chamber of Commerce

Susan Maddigan

Dean of Health & Social Services, Cape Cod Community College

Cecelia McManus

Retired Teacher/Arts Administrator 

Patty Mitrokostas

Director, Gosnold Prevention Division

Reverend Bob Murphy

Pastor, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Kit O'Connor

Liaison/Office Coordinator, Gosnold Prevention Division

Jeff Perry

Special Sheriff, Barnstable County Sheriff's Office

Grace Peterson

Student, Falmouth High School 

Dejah Pina

Student, Falmouth High School

Kathy Ryman

Retired Attorney 

Jeff Smith

Captain, Falmouth Police Department

Helene Soloman-Smith, RN

VNA Cape Cod

Lisa Tager, Co-Chair

Counselor/Therapist, Private Practice

Sam Tarplin

Director & Producer: What Happened Here

Membership list updated: June 1, 2015

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