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Project Action Teams

Each year, the FPP Steering Committee develops ad hoc committees to carry out the necessary action steps to accomplish each project of the strategic plan for the upcoming year.


Members are volunteer partners from all sectors of the community who choose to implement the identified strategies and action plan.


Each Action Team elects a chair (co-chairs if desired) and a recording secretary who will serve for the upcoming year. 

  • Chairperson(s) is responsible to set agendas for meetings, orient new members and ensure a collaborative atmosphere at meetings, facilitate meetings and coordinate the work of the team. 
  • Recording secretary is responsible to track activities and expenses of the Action Team as well as in-kind hours accumulated by volunteers.

Meeting Schedule

Action Team meetings are scheduled by vote of the participating members.

Decision Making and Voting

  • Strategies and action items are determined by the FPP Steering Committee as part of the Partnership’s strategic planning process.
  • Each Action Team is charged with the implementation of action items(s) according to the strategic plan. Each Action Team will seek consensus regarding the steps necessary to implement the action item.
  • Technical assistance is provided by the FPP Director, Coalition Coordinator and appropriate members of the Steering Committee.

Duties of an Action Team

  • Collaborate with other teams, partners and community stakeholders in order to enhance their prevention activities throughout the community.
  • Plan steps and time line for each identified action item.
  • Identify who is responsible for each action step.
  • Submit a proposal to the Steering Committee for funding or resources needed to implement the chosen strategy.
  • Recruit necessary community members and stakeholders to accomplish the chosen activities.
  • Implement the identified action steps.
  • Report activities, successes, barriers and available data to the Steering Committee.

2014 Action Teams for FPP Year 6

  • Alcohol and Marijuana Action Team
  • Prescription Drug Action Team

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