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Underage Drinking

Youth who drink alcohol are more likely to experience:

  • School problems – higher absence and poor grades. 
  • Death from alcohol poisoning.
  • Legal problems. 
  • Physical problems, such as hangovers and illness. 
  • Unwanted, unplanned, and unprotected sexual activity. 
  • Physical and sexual assault 
  • Higher risk for suicide and homicide. 
  • Alcohol-related car crashes, unintentional injuries, such as burns, falls, and drowning. 
  • Memory problems. 
  • Abuse of other drugs.  

Hopefully, the recommended articles and Internet resources will help you think about your role as a parent. The information is current and reliable with a focus on information that will help you understand the harmful effects as well as the legal issues of underage drinking, and how you can provide your children with the information they need to make healthy choices.

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Read articles about underage drinking.


Access onlinelocal and emergency resources.


Read about Parents Who Host Lose the Most and Project Sticker Shock.

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