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Videos About Heroin and Rx Pill Abuse 

Opiate Epidemic Interviews: 

Opiate addiction ruins lives. Interviews of several victims of addiction who are incarcerated and in the care of the Barnstable County Correctional Facility. Their experiences give a clear picture of how opiate addiction can subvert priorities and damage not only their own lives, but also those of their loved ones and the communities they lived in. The video ends with a statement from a former inmate who has since recovered from addiction and is on the path to getting her life back together.


Pixels: An experimental film about substance abuse and how it ties in with the utilization of media.

Ever since losing his best friend to an opiate overdose at the age of fifteen, director Eli Hayes has been interested in chemical dependence as a subject matter and how it's portrayed in media. With Pixels, he explores the past of someone with addictive tendencies, how those tendencies came to be and how each individual that suffers from the disease of addiction - whether it be in the past (such as the director himself and the friend that he lost) or in the present, as many others are suffering - has a family, memories, adventures; a life not worth risking.

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