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What We Do

The Falmouth Prevention Partnership is a community coalition dedicated to creating a healthy and safe environment for Falmouth youth.

Members of the Partnership, representing a wide-range of community involvement, have been working to assess the extent of the substance abuse problem in Falmouth, and develop and implement prevention strategies that are unique to our community.

Our Model for Change

The Partnership took a careful look at the conditions in Falmouth that promote or make it easier for our youth to engage in risky behaviors, such as substance abuse. With the full cooperation and support of the Falmouth Public Schools and Falmouth Academy, the Partnership conducted a survey on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among Falmouth teens.

What We Do at FPP

The results of this survey along with an assessment of previous efforts to reduce substance abuse in Falmouth were used to create a profile on youth substance abuse in the town. Based on this profile, the Partnership developed a plan to guide the community effort to prevent and decrease substance abuse.

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