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How FPP is Organized

The Falmouth Prevention Partnership has been structured to assure that the organization is effectively and efficiently meeting its goals, including compliance with our federal grant.

As the recipient of the federal grant, the Town of Falmouth (through the Falmouth Substance Abuse Commission) is legally and financially responsible for the Partnership.

The day-to-day management of the Partnership has been delegated to a Steering Committee made up of representatives from a wide range of community-based organizations. In turn, the Steering Committee works with members of the partnership and the wider community to organize and implement programs to help prevent substance abuse among Falmouth youth.

A portion of the grant funds is used to pay the salary of a Program Director and a Partnership Coordinator. The Program Director oversees all of the activities of the Partnership and is responsible for implementing the organization's Strategic Plan and developing an ongoing sustainability process. The Coordinator is responsible for bringing together individuals and organizations in the community.  The coordinator works with members of the Partnership to assist them in the often difficult process of implementing youth-oriented programs.

Read the following for more information about the how the Falmouth Prevention Partnership is organized and functions:

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