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Who We Are

In 2008, through the efforts of the Falmouth Substance Abuse Commission, the Town of Falmouth received a five-year federal grant to mobilize the community to prevent substance abuse and other risky behaviors among the town’s youth. With the completion of the federal grant in 2013 FPP established a partnership with Gosnold to assure continued support. Currently, FPP is part of the Gosnold Prevention Department and is governed by a free-standing community-based Steering Committee.

What We Do at FPP

Members of the Falmouth Prevention Partnership (FPP), representing a wide-range of community involvement, have been working to assess the extent of the substance abuse problem in Falmouth and develop and implement prevention strategies that are unique to our community.


The mission of the Falmouth Prevention Partnership is to mobilize the Falmouth community to reduce substance abuse in youth.


The Falmouth community supports and empowers youth to make healthy choices.

Core Values 

  • Involvement of all sectors of the community is critical.
  • A comprehensive, community-wide approach toward prevention is needed.
  • Factors in the community that put youth at risk must be reduced.
  • Factors in the community that protect youth from risk must be enhanced.
  • Environmental strategies that promote lasting community-level change are effective in reducing youth substance abuse.


  • Mobilize the community around a common vision of substance abuse prevention.
  • Identify and address risk and protective factors in Falmouth.
  • Utilize strategies proven to be effective to reduce substance abuse in youth.
  • Grow and sustain the Falmouth Prevention Partnership over time.



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