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Our Community Partners

Many organizations and individuals make up the Falmouth Prevention Partnership.

Government Agencies

  • Barnstable County Health Department
  • Falmouth Fire Department
  • Falmouth Human Services
  • Falmouth Public Library
  • Falmouth Substance Abuse Commission
  • U.S. Coast Guard

Healthcare Organizations

  • Cape Cod Health Care
  • Community Health Center of Cape Cod
  • Home Solution Infusion Care
  • Women’s Health Care Task Force

Law Enforcement

  • Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office
  • Cape and Island’s District Attorney’s Office
  • Falmouth Police Department

Local Businesses and Business Organizations

  • Cape Cod Five Bank
  • Falmouth Chamber of Commerce
  • Falmouth Young Professionals
  • Rocky’s Gym

Local Schools

  • Falmouth Academy
  • Falmouth Public Schools
  • Falmouth School Committee
  • Volunteers in Public Schools


  • Falmouth Enterprise

Religious Organizations

  • Cape Cod Church Falmouth
  • Falmouth Jewish Congregation
  • North Falmouth Congregational Church
  • Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church
  • Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Falmouth
  • Waquoit Congregational Church

Youth Serving Organizations

  • Cape and Islands Gay Straight Youth Alliance
  • Falmouth Recreation Center
  • Teen Center
  • Together We Can

Civic & Volunteer Groups

  • Falmouth Service Center

Other Organizations Involved with Substance Abuse

  • Gosnold, Inc.

Youth, Parents, and Grandparents

  • Emily Botelho
  • Mark Friedman
  • Jim Hermansen
  • Meredith Hunnibell
  • Christopher Kelly
  • Cali O'Brien
  • Greg Parkinson, MD
  • Laura Peterson
  • Andrew Putnam
  • Aimee Rozum
  • Diane Wells

Falmouth Prevention Partnership Gets Social!